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Mary here, thanks so much for checking us out! For the last 20+ years I have been involved in sooooo many aspects of the wedding, catering and special event industry and am so grateful everyday to be able to share those experiences with all of you.

For starters, I was lucky enough to work in the logistics and catering industry for a very, very long time . I have run companies and served as sales, marketing and planning consultant to countless pros. I have spent seasons with decor companies, entertainers and photographers. So here's the thing...I know food and beverage, rentals, timeline do's and don'ts, a gagillion different venues and their specific challenges, tons and tons of local vendors and I can tell you all about my awards and credentials...but let me explain what all of that really means to you...

It means I can save you A LOT OF TIME AND MONEY. It means that I have practical and time tested answers to all the questions. Every tiny detail has so many ways that it can go very right, or very wrong and having someone who has experienced both and lived to tell the tale...means it won't happen to you.

For my part in the process...I will always be by your side. I will be with you through the emotional roller coaster (which believe me it can be) and guide you along YOUR path, which will be different from every couple before you and every couple to come. This is YOUR story...YOUR job is to make the journey a blast and take care of all the things you can think of and the million that you can't.

It would be my very great honor to be a part of your story and I hope to hear from you soon! Just be prepared for me to hug and squeeze you at our first's kind of my thing lol.

"I can't imagine yesterday without you, not only because of your impeccable talents but also because of your positivity and spirit. You truly are a gift and I feel very fortunate to have had you by my side through the happiest weekend of my life."


Photo Credit: Tara Polcaro

Photo Credit: Rebecca Gatto


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