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So why do you need a coordinator? You have family, friends, a bridal party...what could a coordinator possibly do that you can't do yourself? The answer is actually fairly simple.

On your big day, how much do you want to worry about on your own? Is it feasible to expect those around you to take care of all the details and still be ready on time and more importantly, enjoy the celebration as well?

Do you want to be the bride or groom that gets to enjoy time with his or her loved ones, preparing for one of the most important moments of your life, stress free and full of excitement? Or, would you prefer to be the one who has to run around frantically, trying to follow up on every detail, vendor, bridal party and family member to make sure that everything goes to the finish line only to stress out the whole night about how the next step happens?

This is where a coordination team comes in. It is our goal, with our many years of experience in catering, planning, timelines, vendor coordination, insure that all of those details happen seamlessly and effortlessly so that you are left to do what you are meant to do...ENJOY!

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