Mary Jacobs Events

     Whovian, Wedding Planner, Star Wars Aficionado, Hugger, Catering Consultant

Above photo by Rebecca Gatto

Mary Jacobs is my spirit animal.  If you have not booked her yet, what are you even doing with your life?

-Jane (bride)

I have truly enjoyed working with you over the last few months, as your passion and attentiveness are second to none!  In my search to find a caterer and wedding planner, I met with a lot of companies that really only offered a "cookie cutter" ceremony and reception with no options to express the uniqueness and special little touches that would make our day truly OURS.  After meeting with you, I was immediately put at ease and felt that my opinions and requests would be not only listened to, but respected and incorporated into the planning process, even if that meant that we went outside of the box in order to do so.  I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated your efforts and accommodating attitude and how grateful I am to you for making this process so much easier than I expected.

-Megan & Ez


Photo by Kelly Mapes

Above photo by Paul Saunders